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5 Stress-Reducing Tips for Planning Your Long – Distance Move

Moving day should be exciting, not stressful. With some smart planning, you can make your move more enjoyable. Here are five easy tips to reduce stress on moving day.

Choose the Best Time to Move Think about when to move. The busiest time is between Memorial Day and Labor Day. For the best choices and prices, consider moving between October and April. A mid-week, mid-month move during these months is often the best.

Plan Your Packing Start by decluttering. Decide what to keep and what to leave behind. A simple guide can help you choose what to take. This way, you’ll know exactly what you’re moving and the kind of help you’ll need.

Research Moving Companies Choosing the right moving company is important. There are full-service, self-service, and specialized moving companies. Your budget and the items you’re moving will guide your choice. Full-service companies do everything, self-service companies just move your stuff, and specialized movers handle items like pianos or art.

Budget for Your Move Keep track of your moving costs. Your moving quote is a good tool for this. Remember to budget for tipping the movers – about $10 per person for half a day and $20 for a full day.

Get Moving Insurance To protect your things, consider moving insurance. Movers offer two types: Full Value and Released Value Protection. Full Value covers more, while Released Value offers minimal coverage. You can also look into third-party insurance for extra protection.

Ready to Move? Start planning your move today. Reach out to me, and let’s make your move happier and smoother.

Ready to turn your moving day into a stress-free experience?

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